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The Brown Firm PLLC

The Brown Firm PLLC Picture Box
The Brown Firm PLLC in Alexandria, VA serves clients in the area since 1941. No law frims would last for so long without strong values and ethics. Two generations of the Brown family have dedicated themselves to the protection of clients, with Christopher E. Brown serving nowadays as principal attorney. His strong background as Juris Doctor from Georgetown University speaks for itself as well as his impresive career of over 45 jury trials to date. His reputation is also due to some impressive results, i.e. a famed 2003 record setting $5.2 million verdict! Let's discover the other members of the Brown family who are working for you on the law firm's website. They are all genuine specialists in criminal defense, traffic defense and civil litigation, that are our core fields of expertise.

The Brown Firm PLLC

526 King Street Suite 207, Alexandria, VA 22314



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