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The Brown Firm PLLC

The Brown Firm PLLC in Alexandria, VA meets a highly frequent need: protection and assistance in traffic defense cases. Traffic offenses are serious ones, and people who are involved in them could face severe penalties ranging from fees to jail time. We just consider them as potentially extremely harmful situations for our clients. That's why we invest full commitment in such cases, dedicating our knowledge and skills to avoid undue penalties to our clients. We are on your side in such situations, we are your ally facing the authorities. Whenever it is possible we will try to lessen or even drop the charges. With the Brown Firm PLLC, you are not alone. We have assisted numerous offenders since our creation in 1941, we know what it means to risk severe consequences for your future because of some traffic offenses.

The Brown Firm PLLC

526 King Street Suite 207, Alexandria, VA 22314



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